Project Districts

LACIP aims to contribute to the improvement of the general living conditions and quality of life of the poor population in the eight selected project districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan; while focusing on the poorest populations. The selected project districts are presently considered sensitive due to recent history of violent conflict and a likely risk of being engulfed with such troubles again. Large areas in these districts were also affected by floods of 2010. It was expected that a tangible improvement of the living conditions of the poor in these districts would contribute to reduce the risk of further social and political unrest, instability, further marginalization of poor and an exponential increase in poverty. The identification and selection of union councils, villages and target communities was carried out using the Poverty Score Card (PSC). A situation analysis of the infrastructure and an analysis of institutions present in the identified union councils have also been carried out. At least 50% coverage of the rural households has remained mandatory in a selected UC to comply with the saturation approach stipulated by PPAF.

1. Charsadda

2. Swabi

3. Buner

4. D.I. Khan

5. Chitral

6. Haripur

7. Nowshera

8. Abbottabad